Coils are used in electrical engineering to generate or detect magnetic fields. Coils are electronic components – comprised of windings or wound products – or parts of units such as transformers and relays. Most coils are constructed of at least one winding of an electrical conductor. Wire is generally used in addition to silver-plated copper wire, high-frequency litz, flat wire and copper foil. The wire is wound around a coil form which has a magnetic core. The inductance value results from specific parameters such as winding arrangement and shape, wire diameter as well as the wound and core materials used.

We manufacture coils to specific customer requirements.

The following are examples of a multitude of other available coils.

Air-core coils

Air-core coils are inductive components without a ferromagnetic core and therefore have relatively low inductance. The magnetisation characteristic curve is linear. Air-core coils feature no magnetic saturation compared to coils with magnetic cores. Without a core, magnetic paths cannot be guided resulting in a high level of magnetic flux leakage.

Flat-wire coils

We use modern processes to produce flat and upright wire coils. The fill factor in flat-wire coils is higher than for standard round-wire coils. The full range of coil geometries is possible.

Advantages: shorter winding radii, lower copper loss, no voltage distortions. These coils can also be manufactured using aluminium wire.

Self-bond enamelled wire coils

A special version of enamelled wire is self-bond enamelled wire. Its adhesive properties are activated thermally or by a solvent. After activation, the individual windings bond into a self-sustaining coil. The use of self-bond enamelled wire gives a range of cost and manufacturing benefits due to the savings made on coil forms, adhesive tape, casting compounds and impregnation. We are able to manufacture these coils in a range of different sizes and shapes.

Foil coils

Copper foil coils are special constructions. In comparison to standard air-core coils, inductors or transformers, foil coils are made from thin, insulated copper sheet of foil.

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