Power Supplies

Power supplies represent the delicate link between electrical devices and mains power supplies. For specific applications, we develop and manufacture specific power supplies – filtered, regulated, stabilised and rated (primary and secondary) – in different power ranges.

Output voltages and currents can be portrayed digitally to enable ease of use. Major features in our power supplies include current limiting and short circuit resistance. If cooling by natural convection is required, fan-free design is available.

The following are examples of a multitude of other available power supplies.


Power supplies with regulating capabilities are known as switch mode power supply units. These convert direct (including non-regulated) voltage into regulated direct voltage with electronic circuits switching between input voltages and electrical earths at high frequencies (e.g. 50 kHz). A connected inductor and capacitor filter the rectangular wave voltage and direct voltage emerges at the output. A control circuit ensures that the duty cycle is set to produce the required output voltage.

Charge Controllers

We develop and manufacture high quality charge controllers which comply to all current standards and use the latest power electronics, microprocessors and a special charger IC. To control charging, we use, for example, parameters which determine temperature, voltage, capacitance, time, and charging current.

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