Innovative power and precision from years of experience

Our years of experience in industry enable us to develop our know-how, quick and precise working practices and innovation capabilities. Mr Kreutner set up the Schwa-Medico GmbH’s division focus on transformers and industrial products in 1995.

After many years of development and optimisation, our company now manufactures both prototypes and series production. We produce industrial products – including coil-based products, chokes, complete assemblies such as mains adapters and power supply units – in our facilities around the world. Our main facilities are in Germany but we profit from the expertise provided by each site.

Since its founding, Schwa-Medico GmbH has been growing continuously. In August 1995, Schwa-Medico GmbH acquired Schneefuss + Rohde, a choke and transformer manufacturer, which significantly enhanced the know-how and portfolios of both companies. The merger enabled us to offer to customers more specific components.

Around one year later Schwa-Medico GmbH has joined together with other companies to form the Tech Power Electronics Group. Schwa-Medico GmbH acquired the French company Tech Power Electronics on 19 September 2016.

schwa-medico Transformatoren

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