Switch Mode Transformers

We design transformers for all kind of Switch mode power supplies for every configuration, forward, flyback, push-pull, buck, etc. and for all type of frequencies.

The following are examples of a multitude of other available transmitter products.


Intelligent SMPS are an economic alternative to linear power supplies. Their main advantages are their compact dimensions and their light weight. SMPS transmitters are also highly efficient and can be used around the world due to the certification of universal input voltages.


Flyback transmitters are also known in the branch as flyback converters. They are a special form of direct current converter for converting electrical energy between galvanically isolated direct voltages in inputs and outputs.


A forward transmitter or converter is a type of galvanically isolated direct current converter. A significant feature of forward transmitters concerns the transfer of energy which takes place only in the conducting phase of the individual switching components. Forward transmitters are used, for example, in SMPS.

In contrast to flyback transmitters – which are particularly suited for low powers – forward transmitters are used in ranges from 100 W to 500 W. In these applications, they are able to achieve a higher level of efficiency. When higher power throughputs are required, then so-called push-pull converters are generally used.


In contrast to forward converters, push-pull converters can convert direct voltages into other electrical direct voltages. The voltage conversion mainly takes place using a high-frequency transformer in the push-pull converter. Output voltages can be of virtually any value and unrestricted due to the converter topology.

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